Monday, June 21, 2010

Three Shirts on me Line

So, the year turns ever onwards and the days start to get gradually shorter again. For once, I don't feel too sad to be passing this milestone - I know that I have my Lumie lights for the darkest part of the year and until then there is still plenty of summer warmth to look forward to.

Apple iOS 4.0 to look forward to tonight - it's currently downloading rather slowly, but that is probably to be expected with millions of nerds all hitting refresh at the same time (and I'm as guilty as the next nerd on that one). Fret fret.

I forgot to post about Doctor Who yesterday, but I have to say that it was an excellent first part of a season finale. This season Stephen Moffat has given us a mix of sci-fi, horror, history and a base under siege - the classic staples of Who story telling. The signs are looking positive that he will deliver the full set with a finale that is epic without being overblown. Roll on next Saturday teatime!


Farewell Frank He will be missed, you know he will, he really will ...

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