Sunday, June 20, 2010

You've Got Red on You

Not a bad day, weather wise, and celebration wise with it being Jan's birthday and Father's Day for me. Cards and presents for Jan, including a glass cabinet from Ikea (see blog posts passim) and a bottle of 'Pure Death' chili sauce for me which will get a workout at the barbecue tonight. Unfortunately as we were putting the cabinet together Barney rolled on another dead thing, requiring his second bath in as many days. Yuck. We also found the putrefying corpse of a squirrel on the lawn, which I think must have been Barney's preferred thing to roll in yesterday, judging by the smell. Yuck again.

I played a bit more Red Dead this afternoon too, finishing up with a very satisfying cattle drive and shoot-out on the prairie. I now think that I have managed to re-enact all of my favourite bits from Lonesome Dove as well as The Wild Bunch, which I have a hankering to watch again. Yee hah!

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