Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sadly, the world is
A more normal place today
Big head, bigger heart

A hard life cut short
Sex and drugs and rock and roll
Fuelled angry passion

The heat haze shimmers
Rising from sun baked concrete
Motorway mirage

New iPhone OS4
Background tasks, iBook app and
Much shiny goodness

Neighbourhood stalked by
Feline serial killer,
Ginger psychopath

The rich get richer
The poor are getting poorer
Same old, same old, George

Any racing game
Can be improved by adding
Isometric cows


Ryan D said...

haikusday is one of the best days of the week -- i can't figure out a running topic to cover, or what to call it .. suggestions?

neil h said...

Thanks Ryan! You could always try a set of sports haiku.