Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World in Motion

Another warm day, tending towards being overcast at the end of the afternoon. No matter, this is the sort of summer I like.

Two days with iOS4 and I'm quietly impressed. I'm not entirely sure what people were expecting, but to me it feels like an evolution rather than a revolution, which is no bad thing given how solid the previous release was. The introduction of folders to the home screen, as well as the long overdue background wallpaper, is probably the most noticeable difference to the way I use my phone now. I have four folders to organize my most used apps, with settings, phone, safari and ipod on the dock which means that I rarely need to leave the home screen. I'm particularly impressed with the iBook app, not so much for the functionality which is pretty much the same as Stanza (but with pdf support and nice pictures) as for the access to the book store.

I've managed to avoid most of the world cup so far, but it was on in the office this afternoon so I've actually watched some of a match - shock, horror. It was actually quite tense watching the clock tick down at the end, but there was a result at the end apparently. Congratulations to England for kicking more points than the other lot, I think.

At least the roads were eerily quiet on the way home, which was a pleasant bonus.

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