Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Twenty years on

A slightly strange experience today. I had to go to the hospital for a check up and after negotiating the lift that decided it wanted to go all the way to the top floor before coming back down to where I needed to be I made my way to the correct department.

I waited for a few minutes before going to see the consultant and after he had examined me, he asked me if I had been to Sheffield University and specifically if I had been a resident of Tapton Hall. It suddenly clicked that he had lived on the same corridor as me for a year, twenty or so years ago.

Crikey. Talk about a blast from the past. I put my name on Friends Reunited a few years ago, but I didn’t recognize any of the alumni from that era. In some ways it seems like yesterday, and in others it feels like a different world. Ah well, the past is a different country.

In other news, fencing tonight was excellent, sweaty fun with lots of rapier and buckler vs rapier and dagger action in preparation for the forthcoming assessments. Hoorah – I love fencing!


Miss Natalie said...

20 years. WOW! I can harldy remember people i studied with 5 years ago.

I'm so surprised at what a sweaty sport fencing is? But, so much fun! I only have 2 weeks of classes left. I'm undecided if i'll continue...

Anonymous said...

It is a small world. Had reason to browse the internet about events that happened 15-20 years ago and found article you had written. Thought - I'm sure I know that name so searched further and found this site. In particular this post written only 3 days ago. If you were in Tapton then I'm sure I know you.

It was 20 years ago and probably best not to go back there.

But all the best to you.

neil h said...

Now I'm intrigued ... who are you?

Anonymous said...

I didn't live in Tapton but came in and a group of us had discussions.

As I say, all a long time ago, don't want to reopen things but intrigued to have found your post only 3 days after you posted it - particularly given how you came to post it.

I remember really enjoying our discussions.

neil h said...

Ah - now I think I remember ... it's been an interesting twenty years since then, to say the least. I consider myself lucky to be where I am now - happy, healthy and with a fine set of friends and family.

I hope that life has been similarly kind to you as well.