Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Captain's log : supplemental

Well, that didn’t take long.

I had just started cooking tea a little after six when I had a panic phone call from work.

“We can’t print at all from the accounts server”

‘At all’ after a little further investigation actually turned out to mean being unable to print in landscape to the main printer. I looked at the printer setup and saw that the printer device name had been overwritten, so I set it back to what it should be, got them to reboot and that was that.

Time for a quick bit of food and then a drive on a wet and chilly evening to Darnall for fencing. Hurrah and huzzah! Half an hour of concentrated sabre free form play (with a few object lessons to cure my mental block about low parrys) really fired up the blood. After a break we switched to rapier with the brain frying notion of attacking with a disengage or cavatione, and then using the time when you retire to schwarze or envelop to set up a final killing lunge. Good stuff.


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will said...

The penultimate sentence - is this some sort of *coded* message? :^)