Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The holidays start .... now

I'm knackered.

The last couple of months at work have been a real slog - loads to do, with conflicting priorities to juggle as well. My boss will say something like "This is your most important job, so concentrate on this - oh, but this one is also top priority as well, and the month end processing, and the new invoicing routines. Oh, and you need to set up a new database. And that new printer as well."


Yesterday, trumped the lot, being the icing on the cherry of a very large cake. We've known that we need (yet another) invoicing system to deal with expenses recharges from the new companies and I've had one ready to roll for ages. The only problem was that the contracts manager was far to busy to have a look at it, or even test it, until after lunch on the day before my holidays were due to start. We found a number of problems with codes in the new accounts database not being set up to match the existing codes, the code extract from the sales order system being in a completely different format to the one I had been expecting, the invoice layout needing to change and documentation needing to be updated.

Whilst I  was doing this, I had requests for changes to the sales order spreadsheet, problems with the purchase order system (“Why doesn’t it work it Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3?” “Could it be that you are using beta software that we haven’t tested or support yet?”), problems with old purchase system because the new analysis codes are all different lengths. Oh, and my boss wanting me to copy a block of accounts and set up some new ones with an ‘S’ on the end for service codes. When I set up the database to demonstrate it to the accounts people who will be using it, it fell over from a missing object library because they are all on Office 2003, not Office XP like my steam driven laptop. Ho hum.

No wonder I didn’t leave Birmingham till nearly half past five. Now I must go and set my out of office notification on my email …

PS I’ve already had one work phone call that I’ve let run onto voicemail.  Gits.

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will said...

Switch off the phone, pour yourself a drink and settle down to some "Animal Crossing".