Saturday, August 12, 2006

Holiday Blog Day 1

The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus is a long way from Chapeltown. I had a restless night looking at the alarm clock before getting up at seven o'clock for some breakfast and a cup of tea. It seemed very strange not to be taking Barney the dog for a walk at that time.

Everything packed into the car and then off to Manchester airport where the usually stressful (for me at least) process of getting checked in, going through passport control (Alicia had her psion revo inspected and Jan got frisked) and the finding the appropriate departure gate all went surprisingly smoothly. We boarded the plane and took off on time for the first leg of the flight to Dalaman airport in Turkey where we waited for an hour before the final hop to Ercan in Cyprus.

The in flight food was standard stuff, but the only problem was the 'Cokomilk' chocolate bar that I was munching half an hour before we landed. I felt something like a small piece of grit in my mouth and I wondered briefly what it was before realising that a chunk of one of my back teeth had come loose. Fortunately it doesn't seem to be painful - the edge is a little sharp though, so I'll just have to be careful when chewing. I'm not sure if I'd fancy visiting a Turkish dentist.

Passing through customs at Ercan took about fifteen minutes and we collected our suitcase straight away. The taxi driver was waiting at the door as promised and we were driven through a hot, dry and dusty mountain pass in style in a humungous black Mercedes to the villa midway between the villages of Belapais and Ozankoy. After a quick call to the managing agents to find the door key, we dumped our luggage and got straight into the pool for a swim under the light of the full moon. The holiday starts here ...

Pool Lights

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