Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Busy day at work, with my sandwich eaten at my desk and then straight into a two hour meeting. Grummph.

At least I have managed to trim my piece on Online Communities down to the word limit and still add a decent conclusion. Just the TMA to write up now, which I should be able to get done this weekend at some point. I've got a revision session on Saturday for my Java course which should be useful, if only to get practice questions to work on.

In podcast news - As It Occurs To Me (aiotm!) is back! Hurrah! It's as scurrilous and funny as ever, and well worth a download if you don't already subscribe. Warning - not safe for work (or anywhere else for that matter).

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Nancy said...

Sounds like an awful day at work. Great news about AIOTM! I hadn't seen it was back yet. :-)