Friday, May 20, 2011

Childhood Games

Two telly programmes of note.

Firstly, Game of Thrones, which everybody seems to be watching and enjoying. I'd avoided reading the books when they originally came out. A series of fantasy blockbusters that could easily double up as housebricks just didn't appeal at the time, but it seems I was wrong. I am loving the convoluted politics and intrigue, and the way that the fantastical elements are firmly in the background. Good stuff.

The other tv programme that you really should be watching is Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle. Lee, along with his former collaborator Herring, is responsible for pushing the boundaries of comedy in ways that Frankie Boyle with his oh-so-daring mockery of the disabled children of minor celebrities can only dream of. This is the comedic equivalent of Penn and Teller's magic show where they tell you what they are going to do, then show you in detail with all of the workings of the trick on display and somehow still manage to astonish. Lee does pretty much the same thing here with an extended routine that proves by a process of rigorous logical deduction that the lovable comedian Russell Howard is, in fact, a mass murderer. Essential viewing.

In other news, I managed to get 96% in my last TMA for my M255 Java course, so it's just the exam to go now. I've got a revision day in Leeds tomorrow, so it's all systems go.

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