Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Breathe in the air

I've concluded that I need to see the doctor, after putting up with coughing, croaking, wheezing, spluttering and generally sounding like a moth eaten harmonium for several months. Whatever it is I've got seems to be significantly worse whenever the air conditioning is on at work, so after getting to the point where I felt almost human after six days off over the weekend I am very much back at square one again this week. Bah.

In telly news, I had been slightly discombobulated by the season opener of Doctor Who after all of the build and hype suggested that we would be getting a humungous American style all action blockbuster, but what we actually got was something subtler, more complex and much darker. I suspect it's not entirely fair to judge this one without seeing the second part next weekend. One thing I didn't spot at first was that the black suits that the Silents were wearing don't appear to be made of cloth ... shades of the Low Men in Yellow Coats from Stephen King's Hearts in Atlantis, perhaps?

In games news, Portal 2 is a rare treat. I've only played a bit of the single player game before getting stuck into the co-op campaign with Jamie. Mind mangling spatial puzzles combined with some of the sharpest and funniest script writing since Sam and Max Hit the Road make this an absolute gem to savour. I've also been playing a bit more 'Beyond Good and Evil' and I suspect that I am getting near the end after a thrilling slow-mo roof top chase followed by an absolutely heart breaking cut scene back at the lighthouse. Shonky camera controls apart, this game really is a stone cold classic that *must* be played by anyone that calls themselves a gamer.

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