Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Take it as it comes

Weather, cold and grey. In contrast to earlier in the week the journey in this morning was relatively smooth and I was at my desk not long after half past eight and more than ready for a nice cup of hot coffee.

Work was irritating, with constant interruptions breaking my already tenuous train of thought as I was trying to sort out a complex bit of code that was building up an xml file and missing out sections that should have been there according to the definition. It was also too warm and airless with the central heating radiators on full blast drying the air out, leaving me with a sore throat and a headache. Not good.

In telly news, along with every other geek on the planet we have been watching The Walking Dead, and boy, is it grim stuff. It seems that some of the survivor characters are actually far nastier than any of the undead. After all, all the zombies want to do is eat your brains - they don't want to beat you up or rape you first.

In contrast, we have recently found that Frasier is being re-run in the mornings on Channel 4 so we have been recording them as an antidote to all of the apocalyptic horror. Classic, excruciating farce, particularly in the contrast between the snooty pomposity of Frasier and Niles and their determinedly blue collar dad. Daphne's accent remains a uniquely strange thing though, and quite unlike anything I have ever heard in real life.


Nancy said...

Niles is one of my favorite ever television characters. So, I had to check, and the actress Jane Leeves who plays Daphne is a real English person. If that's not Ms. Leeves's accent, what do you think she was trying to do? I always assumed it was the real thing.

neil h said...

I think that the character is supposed to be from Manchester but the accent is more like a very exaggerated Blackburn accent. It's a bit like the difference between a New York and a New Jersey accent.