Thursday, November 18, 2010


It seems that the best days to drive are grey, overcast ones when it is not raining or windy. I was in the office for twenty five past eight again, getting a good spot in the main bit of the carp ark with no problems.

My seasonal affective disorder (if that's what it is) is not brilliant at the moment. It's not too bad in the evenings with my light on and I usually make it to eleven o'clock or thereabouts before toddling off to bed, but mornings are a real struggle. I wake up feeling tired and weak with wobbly muscles and aching bones, and I have to force myself out of bed and into the morning routine of feeding the animals and myself (in that order), washing up and making a cup of tea. Still, I've just worked out it's thirty three days until the turn of the year so that's not too long in the grand scheme of things. Looking at the weather forecast promises some sunny days in the near future as well, which I am looking forward to.

I went out at lunchtime to buy a card and get a bit of fresh air. The air turned out to be very fresh and slightly damp. Brrr. Slightly depressing that all of the shops are in full Christmas overdrive when we are only just over half way through November. Even Staples, where I went to buy some plain index cards, was decked out with a cornucopia of plastic trees, tinsel and other seasonal tat which presumably counts as essential office supplies. Bah, and indeed, humbug!

In OU news, I've finished the coding for my TMA project and now have a little animated steam train chugging across the screen complete with puffs of smoke. I just need to copy the code and answer one question about public vs private methods in my solution document and that's done with. More work on inheritance and sub-classes next, which looks interesting.

In games news, as alluded to the other day I've retired from the Knife and Candle assassination game part of Echo Bazaar. I think I got up to about fifteenth on the world leaderboard at one point, but I can't keep up with the constant attention needed to fend off attacks at all hours. It got silly when I worked out that I would need to be logged on at four in the morning to have a chance of catching a particular American player off guard. Oh well, it's been fun for the year that I've been playing and I imagine I'll go back when they release some new high level content.

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