Thursday, November 04, 2010

Roadhouse Blues

A windy night, and then a pig of a drive. Even leaving slightly earlier saw me in a queue of traffic for two thirds of the journey, turning the usual thirty five minutes into over an hour. As predicted, there were no spaces in the main car park when I arrived, so I had to drive round the block to the overflow car park, a benighted bomb site of muddy puddles. Lovely start to the day.

I spent ages at work trying to debug a server method that was constructing an xml object, but putting in sections that weren't needed and were getting rejected by the parser. I could have sworn blind I'd removed the unnecessary bits from the class definition and went through putting in debug statements to show the state of the object at each stage. It was at this point that I realised that I had the class definition open and I hadn't actually saved the flipping thing since making my change. I think the correct expression for such situations is 'Doh!'.

I've now finished unit 5 of my course, which now means that I can tackle the rest of the first TMA. I reckon that I can probably get this finished in draft form over the weekend and then move on to unit 6 next week. I've got a tutorial next weekend, and apparently there's also an open day so I can talk to somebody about signing up to the next ICT module.

The long awaited (by me, at any rate) update to Pocket Frogs arrived last night, with the frog racing mini game finally allowing me to snag a Magus frog. I already have a yellow pruni ready to cross it with and that should give me the last legendary frog that I need to complete all of the cheevos. Phear my l33t frogging skillz!

In other games news, I played a bit more Red Dead Redemption : Undead Nightmare (henceforth abbreviated to RDR:UN - perhaps they should have called it Red Undead?) last night as well, reaching an unexpectedly poignant scene with a Sasquatch of all things. This pack really is DLC done right, but that's what I expect from Rockstar. It makes me want to revisit the GTA:IV trilogy at some point, if only to see Liberty City on the big screen.

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