Friday, November 05, 2010

Bonfire Night Boo



will said...

"Talk to you again next week."

Hurray! Very enjoyable. maria is sat here stunned: "I never expected him to sound like that." This is not a bad thing! Or maybe it is? Anyway, please take this as "two votes for more audioBoos."

If you can link them to iTunes (as a certain Tontowilliams does, then I can listen to them as I cook pancakes on a Sunday morning - 'cos that is when I go through my podcasts!

neil h said...

I'm intrigued - what *did* she expect me to sound like? :-)

If you go to my AudioBoo homepage there should be an iTunes icon there :

will said...

Ha! She is now stunned again. Because she can't explain. I think the main difference is she expected you to sound a little like me - as we both come from Sheffield. However, you sound "less Northern" than I do and (at this point I can't work out if this is aimed at me) you sound "a lot younger than [she] expected."

I'm going to go sit in a corner and sulk...does this mean I sound "old"?

Oh, she has now added that you also sound "thin". Which makes this soooo much better. I'll be the old, fat bloke in the corner wearing a flat cap and stroking my whippet. And yes, that might be a euphemism.