Saturday, November 06, 2010

Paper in Fire

Weather, crisp and dry, much like the perfectly hee-yuge pile of leaves by the back gate. I thought I reasonably good at keeping the lawn relatively clear of leafy invaders until we saw the neighbours a couple of houses up picking up leaves off of their bowling green standard lawn by hand, one at a time, and bagging them up neatly in rubbish sacks. They obviously have time on their hands. Or OCD.

Last night was certainly a lot quieter than some years we have experienced, but it was still enough to send poor old Doris scurrying upstairs to hide on the sofa bed. The other animals were oblivious and quite happy to loll around in the lounge waiting for tea time, as per usual. I wonder what effect the recession and general lack of dosh has had on firework sales when people no longer have money to burn?

A useful day, OU wise, with question 3 of the TMA polished off and a bit of background reading done. I think I might revisit my answer after next week's tutorial. I am still getting used to the technical language for describing classes and methods, and I'm not sure what level of detail they are expecting in the answers.

As alluded to yesterday, last nights' movie was Quadrophenia which was still a great film despite the DVD being a rubbish transfer that wasn't in the proper wide-screen ratio and obviously predated the days of proper digital restoration. It also amused me somewhat that a movie that concludes that finding your identity in fashion or music is a bad idea was responsible for sparking a short lived mod revival back in the 80s, where people expressed their individuality by wearing the same parkas as everybody else.

In games news, I have finally finished all of the cheevos in Pocket Frogs, so that will go on the back burner for a while until they release some new content for it. I picked up Reckless Racing when it was on sale which is rather good. It reminded me of an old top down PC title called 'Ignition' from the 90s which I enjoyed at the time. I do like sending little cars spinning around corners, even more so when there is a banjo themed soundtrack to go along with it.

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