Monday, November 15, 2010

Just a car crash away

Zero degrees exactly this morning and a thick layer of frost to scrape off the car before I could hit the road. The sun was dazzling on the horizon and two cars just in front of me on the motorway had a minor crunch. Fortunately they were travelling at less than 10 miles per hour so it was nothing worse than a dented bumper, but I imagine it will have caused a huge knock on tail back.

Why do people insist on driving nose to tail? It doesn't get you to your destination any sooner and if you don't have razor sharp reactions (and anti lock brakes to match) then you will run into the back of the car in front if it stops suddenly for any reason. Are minimum stopping distances and the 'two second rule' not taught as part of the driving test anymore?

Last night's movie continued our current obsession with The Who with a viewing of Tommy. Fortunately this was a much better quality DVD than the copy of Quadrophenia that we had, with the very pleasant bonus of an excellent Dobly 5.1 soundtrack (which we naturally turned up to 11) to complement Ken Russell's utterly bonkers visual imagery, combining sex, drugs, rock and roll, religion, ultra violence, pinball and a rather odd baked bean fetish scene. Lovely. It's probably the first and only piece of work to truly count as a Rock Opera in the way it is constructed, rather than a concept album.

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