Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Cinema Show

And so another Sunday afternoon fades into darkness. I was doing the usual round of ironing upstairs when I noticed that it was almost dark outside and the dog was still waiting for his walk, so I nipped out while there was still a smidgeon of light to be had.

Not much to report from today, really. I went through my notes and the sample papers from yesterday's tutorial which proved to be very useful in clearing up some things that were not entirely clear. I've just got the last bit of code to do for TMA 01 now, and then that's done and dusted at least three weeks ahead of schedule.

This weekend's Rock Banding has produced a couple of notable high points. I was pleased to get 100% on guitar for the first time playing 'Cool for Cats' and also that we've finally racked up enough fans to earn a tour bus and a new set of Road Challenges. I really like the structure of the challenges which provide just the right mix and duration for a typical playing session. I also downloaded 'Blue Monday' by New Order, which almost killed Jamie on drums until I pointed out that the original was played on a drum machine ... evil? Moi?

Talking of achievements, I was slightly irritated by the new release of Pocket Frogs which introduced a couple more cheevos knocking my completion percentage from 100% down to 95%. One of the new cheevos is practically impossible too - cataloging every single frog in the game in the Froggydex, which is 14,000 different combinations including legendary frogs which take at least a day to grow. In other games news, I got all the achievements on Plants vs Zombies and I'm still enjoying it. It's quite a relaxing experience to play through the adventure mode again, trying out different tactics each time for the fun of it.

Last night's movie was another Shane Meadows - 'Le Donk and Scor-Zay-Zee. An amusing rockumentary of a washed up roadie played by the versatile Paddy Considine attempting to get a support slot opening for the Arctic Monkeys for his wannabe rap star friend. Apparently the whole film was largely improvised and shot in just five days. It's not quite a British Spinal Tap, but it is funny and sort of heart warming, and worth a watch.

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