Monday, July 26, 2010


Weather : Persistantly raining, but muggy with it.

An earlier awakening than anticipated, with Jamie's alarm going off at half past six. Needless to say he slept through it ... unlike yours truly. I did doze off again until after eight, with strange dreams about a cross between Caprica and Doctor Who with the Cylons constructing special weapons Daleks for some fiendish reason that involved a Red Dead style steam locomotive.

In games news, today I have mostly been tracking down the Umar Witch in Baldur's Gate II. If you ever play these games, then I can highly recommend reading all of the journals, books and letters that you come across. Today I found a lost journal describing the misadventures of three young mages who got lost in the woods investigating the 'Umar Witch Project' and the sticky end they came to. Ho ho - very satirical.

In other games news, I appear to have accidentally bought a copy of DJ Hero ... :-)

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