Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beer Drinkers (and Hell Raisers)

The salt and pepper squid last night was rather nommy, but it left me with the approximate hydration levels of a prune and I woke up at three in the morning gasping for a drink. I staggered downstairs and fortunately a can of cola out of the fridge did the trick.

Today has mostly been about recovering after the excesses of yesterday with a lie in and a much needed afternoon nap, as well as the usual two walks in the woods with the dog which served to clear the old noggin with a bit of fresh air.

I've played a bit of Baldur's Gate II this afternoon, investigating the shadow temple in the Umar Hills. I can't remember this bit from the last time that I played it, but my main character is a ranger and this seems to be a ranger themed quest, so I suspect that might be it. Good fun, but the shadows are a pain to kill needing mucho magic.

In apps news, I've downloaded the BBC news app which is rather nifty as well as an RSS app called Mobile RSS which I thought I'd try out. It seems to work quite happily with Google Reader which is my aggregator of choice and is easier to read than the web app version in Safari. I'm trying the free version at the moment, but I may well shell out on the paid version at some point. We shall see.

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