Friday, July 02, 2010

Dusty Skies

I think the word is 'Ackkk'.

I've just done my usual Friday night after work routine of taking the dog out, bringing the washing in, mowing the lawn and then blowing the leaves and dust off of the patio. I managed to breath in a lung full of dusty detritus tonight, and now my throat feels like the inside of a tram drivers glove. Time for a cold cola, methinks.

In 'species that my cats have killed news', we can add a shrew to the list which I spotted just before running the mower over it. It was quite a plump little fellow too, almost the size of a mouse, poor thing.

In games news, I played a bit of Settlers this lunch time, and it's quite a good conversion, although slightly fiddly to control at times. Thankfully road construction has been dropped from this version, so all you have to do is plonk your buildings down near to whichever resource you want to mine/harvest/kill and then the villagers will transport the produce appropriately. There is an amazing amount of detail to be seen as the villagers go about their allotted tasks and the sounds are good too. I've not reached a combat mission yet, but I'm impressed so far. Worth a punt, if you have an iphone.

Anyhoo, we have Hoegaarden on ice to be opened shortly, so Friday night starts ... now!

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