Saturday, July 03, 2010

Blue Shadows On The Trail

I left Blackwater as the sun was rising over the water and hit the trail, riding hard. Down through Thieves' Landing at the Dixon Crossing, past the MacFarlane ranch and then into the badlands of Mercer's Station before crossing the San Luis river at Ramita de la Baya. After that it was a simple case of following the river, although I did have to shoot a pack of wolves somewhere north of Chuparosa before I got to Escalera with the sun still in the sky.

Hit the Trail. Ten gamer points. Get in!

Have I mentioned that I might be addicted to Red Dead Redemption?

In other RDR news, I can report that the co-op missions are simply superb, with Ammunition probably being my favourite so far. An attack on a heavily fortified ridge to capture some cannon, shelling an advancing army and then fighting your way back into town to steal some explosives, all carried out in a raging thunderstorm. Aces.

I am now going to play a bit more before firing up the BBQ for tonight.


Helly said...

Is RDR a first-person shooter? It sounds really cool but I'm not much good at FPS games. And by "not much good" I mean "complete and utter crap"...

neil h said...

Red Dead Redemption is a third person action adventure with a similar structure to Grand Theft Auto, but set in the last days of the Wild West in the early 1900s. The shooting is reasonably easy - pull the left trigger and you will aim at the nearest target, pull the right trigger to fire. There is also a Dead Eye mode that slows down time and allows you to choose your shots and do things like shooting guns out of people's hands and knocking hats off of their heads.

It really is very, very good.