Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dust and Echoes

Weather : hot

Well, the series finale of Doctor Who certainly lived up to expectations. Beautiful, quixotic, paradoxical, funny and moving. Highlights for me included the whole time paradox plot, the universe unwinding, the fossilized Dalek, Amy and Rory's wedding reception and the enigmatic farewell to River Song. Aces. Can it be Christmas now, please?

Today has also lived up to expectations, with an excellent game of Carcassonne with Lufferov that saw lots of tactical blocking and a low winning score that I just scraped with my field points. I also played rather a lot of Red Dead including hunting for legendary animals up in the frozen woods of the North with the snow crunching softly under foot as I stalked through the moonlit trees, and disarming six banditos in a shootout without reloading my Evans Repeater that finally won me the title of Legend of the West. Aces again.

I even watched the last bit of the football, and while I am no expert it looked to me as if Germany were by far the better team in putting together tactical moves and kicking the ball into the net, which I think is the object of the game, isn't it? Not so aces.

In random slaughter news, I picked up a dead mole and a freshly killed chaffinch from the lawn this morning, and then disposed of another maggotty corpse this afternoon, thankfully before Barney had a chance to roll on it. Yucks.

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