Friday, April 09, 2010

Deep Water

Another pleasant day outside, not exactly sunny but reasonably warm and still nonetheless. A work at home day too, making a grand total of two days in the office this week - hurrah!

Being at home was not without it's vexations though. We noticed that a loose connection to one of the taps in the bathroom had been dripping and was starting to come through into the kitchen below. I'm sure that the tap working loose and clod-hopping number one daughter being back from uni for the holidays is a complete coincidence ... We'll need a trip to B&Q or similar for a replacement connector at some point.

A couple of nifty things to mention. I downloaded the Wolfram Alpha app the other day when they cut the price from 40 quid to a more reasonable £1.19. It's not only an excellent scientific and graphing calculator, it's a really cool resource for lots of subject areas and potentially a lot more useful for looking up facts and figures than wikipedia.

In the freebie but with in-app extras category is Pocket Legends for iPad/iPhone which is a MMORPG that actually does what it says on the tin. It's a breeze to set up a new character and start teaming up with people to hack through the various dungeons on offer. There looks to be a fair amount of free content, with additional stuff available to buy when you want it. Worth a punt, I would say.

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