Wednesday, February 03, 2010

White Blur

Driving home through the snow last night was a little like being in the Millennium Falcon jumping to light speed as the swirling flakes danced in the headlight beams of my car. Fortunately it petered out, leaving just a sprinkle of snow that froze solid overnight to give me something to scrape off my windscreen on a cold, crisp morning today.

As a refreshing change from Doris bring mowsies into the house in the evenings, Daisy came in carrying her own trophy kill this morning and promptly vanished upstairs. I chased after her and fortunately (or not from the mouse's point of view) it was already dead, so I confiscated it and put it in the bin. Lovely start to the morning.

Slightly frustrating day at work with bugs uncovered by the customer testing stacking up, waiting to be sorted, as well as having to tell a consultant on site doing a training session how to open up a remote desktop session and maximise a window. I wouldn't have minded so much, but we went through exactly the same exercise on her laptop yesterday and she really should know how to do it by now. Oh well, time to be diplomatic and reassuring.

In more positive news, I got 99% on my last TMA for M150, dropping only 1 mark on specifying boundary conditions for testing an algorithm. I'm considering changing the degree path that I'm on to do more on social impact of ICT rather than the programming/business combination that I'm on. It certainly seems to be the element that I'm getting most out of at the moment.

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