Monday, January 04, 2010

Dancing in the dark

Back to work today and getting up to scrape ice off the car in the dark was about as much fun as it sounds.

I didn't sleep particularly well and woke up a couple of times to look at the clock, but I managed to nod off again until the alarm finally went at twenty past six. At least the drive in wasn't too busy, although I get the impression that a significant number of people will have taken an extra day of holiday today. It's forecasting heavy snow for rush hour time tomorrow which may well be problematic. We shall see.

Most of today has been catching up with emails and remembering what I was doing two weeks ago. My laptop seemed to be struggling as well, although that was probably due to several lots of patches and anti-virus updates landing at the same time. I'd almost forgotten quite how much I dislike using Windows compared to OS/X or Linux. Why anybody would use it if they didn't have to is beyond me, although I guess that's how Microsoft's business model works.

In OU news, I've just made a few tweaks to my T175 TMA and submitted it before the Thursday deadline. It always feels a bit scary consigning my work to the ether. Fly my pretty assignment, fly! Now for some M150 work, for a change.

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