Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Just Like Honey

A much brighter day after the dank gloom of yesterday.

I need to drive up to Newcastle for a meeting tomorrow (5+ hours driving for a 1.5 hour meeting that we could quite easily do as a phone conference - go figure), but I don't mind too much as long as the sun is shining and I can get away on time. I have a stack of podcasts to listen to en route, not forgetting the end of Mitch Benn's reading of 'A Christmas Carol' as well.

A couple of comedy gems watched last night. Miranda really does keep getting better and better, and has a nice, knowing edge to it. I loved the scene last night where Miranda said something along the lines of "It's like I'm in some sort of farce!" followed by a meaningful look at the camera. Good stuff. We followed that with an episode of 'The Thick of It' that initially seemed a little tame (comparatively speaking) before dropping an absolute bombshell in the last couple of minutes. I'm on tenterhooks to see where the series is going to go now, and (carefully avoiding too many spoilers) I can't imagine that a certain character is going to go quietly ...

In app store news, yesterday's appvent calendar was Polyhedra, a superb gem of a game that reminded me of a flash game that I got addicted to a while ago. The aim is to fill the screen up with shapes, avoiding the bouncing balls whilst doing so. The twist with this one is that you can tip the phone to juggle the shapes that you already have on screen to arrange them more efficiently. Difficult to describe but utterly intuitive. I also notice that a good version of the old PS1 classic 'Driver' has been released, but I might hold off that for a while until I've played through some of my current glut. It also occurs to me that if they can do 'Driver', then surely a conversion of Interstate 76 (mah all time favourite game!) must be feasible?

Anyhoo, it's time for a spot of Animal Crossing (800 turnips currently languishing in my front room waiting for a good price) and then 1vs100 live. Hurrah!

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