Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Get Innocuous

It was gloomy and damp when I left Sheffield this morning, but there was a startling change in the weather about half way to Leeds. A wave of thick mist was butting up against the side of the motorway, tendrils of it spiraling across the roadway. The moon was huge on the horizon, partially visible through the fog and looking like a partially dissolved aspirin. For one brief moment it really felt as if I were in a Stephen King novel and that at any moment something squamous would plant one monstrous foot on the road as it passed by, hunting for souls to devour.

Fortunately the sun came out shortly after.

Work has been on the stressful side of busy today. We got one important bit of functionality in a demonstrable state at the cost of breaking something else. I'll need to take another look at it tomorrow morning before the clients arrive, and I'm still not convinced I'll make it through my part of the demo without something falling over. I could really do without this kind of pressure on, but I'll just have to grit my teeth and get on with it.

Home to some light, a nice cup of coffee and a spot of Animal Crossing to unwind. Mind you, I'm now worrying that the stalk market will crash before tomorrow evening. I've got 800 turnips to sell and Nook was only offering 117 bells apiece this evening. I was really hoping for at least 150 to make a decent profit, but I have a nasty feeling I'll have to settle for a loss now. Still, at least I've got a festive hat and tree for when I put my decorations up.

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