Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Daily Post - Wednesday

I've probably mentioned this before, but my mental well-being is strongly linked to the amount of sunlight that I see in a day.

Yesterday was grey and gloomy for most of the day and then dusk fell with surprising suddenness. I'm not a night owl, so as soon as it gets dark my brain wants to power down. In contrast, today has been bright and sunny, and I've felt a quite a bit better, both physically and mentally.

Another reason to be cheerful is a sudden run of success in CNPS with 319, 320 and 321 being ticked off in three successive days. Perhaps it's a sign of incipient OCD that the orderly progression of number spotting is somehow pleasing to me. Either that, or I'm turning into a full-blown crack-a-lack-ding-dong mentalist. You decide.

Work has been busy again. We've got a customer in doing some testing, and while the main bit of code that I was working on is correct, they managed to unearth another obscure bug in the date routine. After working late I managed to track it down to a call to a method to add a month in one class with the same name as another method on the base class that was doing something different. Anyone who has done any object oriented programming will feel my pain at this point.

As a result I got home late tonight, just in time to take a phone call from my Dad letting me know that my Mum is still in hospital and not recovering as well as hoped from her operation. The doctors don't seem to be too worried, but it looks as if she is going to be staying in longer than planned.

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