Thursday, September 10, 2009

Daily Post - Thursday

At the risk of this turning into a sleep diary, I shall just say 5 o’clock and a brief doze before waking up with the alarm for change. I know I shouldn’t put too much into small gradations of energy, but another sunny day has certainly helped again.

My bit of the customer testing has gone well, by all accounts. All of the payroll stuff, including last night’s last minute fix has been accepted, and the other bit of work with integration of notional elements into the accounts is ok too, with a nice extra of some paid development for a bit more functionality that they want as well.

We also had a briefing on how our sector of the business is doing, and as far as I could make out we’re not doing badly out of the recession, making some useful acquisitions of other companies along the way. I don’t know if that means we’ll be getting pay rises next year yet though ...

Last night’s iPhone software update went on OK, apart from having to reset my network settings when I rebooted (probably because I’m on Pay and Go, rather than contract). No major changes that I can see, apart from Genius recommendations in the app store which may be useful if they can classify things in a sensible manner.

Mah favourite podcast of the moment is certainly the venerable Collings and Herrin who keep churning them out at a rate of knots. Topics this week include an uncannily accurate impression of John Lennon’s reaction to the Beatles Rock Band game and the funny side of Joseph Fritzl. This plug is especially for Will, until he has been reminded enough times to actually click on the subscribe button in iTunes.

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Anonymous said...

Have actually clicked on the subscription button. Have actually downloaded a podcast. Haven't actually listened to it yet.

Thank you.