Sunday, August 09, 2009

Daily post

Ah yes, it's been a lovely day here today. Sunny and warm, with just a hint of a breeze, and it was very pleasant to wander up to the woods wearing my new panama hat to have a gander at the Foxfield woodland activities. There were a couple of stalls with people making interesting things like bird boxes and also a perfectly hee-yuge shire horse called Big Lad who patiently stood and let passers by stroke his magnificent nose.

Big Lad the shire horse is in the woods today - I luvz shire horsersons ... on Twitpic

I then had a snooze and read another chapter of Prof Brian Cox's 'Why does E=MC^2 (and why does it matter)'. I finally feel as if I am grasping the idea of spacetime some twenty odd years after last studying physics in any depth. This is the best sort of popular science that actually explains a subject in an accessible way without dumbing down. It is also a good companion for Phil Plait's 'Death from the skies which covered stellar evolution in slightly more depth.

iPhone app of the day is an offline reader for the Independent newspaper which downloads a days worth of news in less than a minute and then makes it available for reading any time you want. Very handy, I think. I also managed to beat the last level on the demo of 'GeoDefense' after struggling with it for a while and I'm sorely tempted to buy the full game. I realised that I'd got it set to 'Hardcore' mode which probably explains why it has been so rock-bastard-hard.

Talking of games, I really should pick up Pokemon Diamond again after a hiatus of several weeks. In fact, I'll go and do that now.

Will that do for a daily post?

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