Monday, August 10, 2009

Daily post - Monday

Not long after posting yesterday's daily, the right hand side of the screen in front of me started to shimmer and dissolve into an odd spiral pattern. I looked up and the swirl danced across my field of vision. I blinked a few times, shut one eye and then the other, but it was still there.

Yep, it was another ocular migraine, with pretty much the same symptoms as the one I had last year. I admitted defeat at around nine and went up to lie down in my bedroom in the dark, listening to podcasts on my iphone for a bit before nodding off halfway through an episode of The Bugle.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty much the same as if I would have if I had been drinking the night before - muzzy, spaced out and with a brain like cotton wool - but without the enjoyment of actually drinking in the first place. Snot fair.

I could have done with a day off work, but as it was my designated support day and my boss Andy was off on holiday, along with developer Andy, leaving only Andy in (did I ever mention that I am in a team with three Andys?), I thought I'd better go in. It was moderately productive and I did manage to field one tricky call which should please the clients in question.

As the office was deader than a dead thing in a particularly dead place, I stuck my earphones in and listened to a couple of podcasts including an interesting one about internet refuseniks called 'Can't Connect, Won't Connect'. They made the very valid point about how confusing Windows is, with having to click on the 'Start' button to stop the computer - very true. They really should get them using something easier to get to grips with like Ubuntu or Mac/Os - Windows really is about the most idiosyncratic and illogical system for beginners, and it is easy to forget just how ridiculous some of it is after having used it over twenty years.

Ah well, I'm starting to feel a little brighter now, after coming home to a nice cup of coffee from the machine. Might just have a quick go on Geodefence as well.

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Anonymous said...

I get horrible ocular migraines like that a couple of times a year as well -- mega yukky!