Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Daily post - Wednesday

Well, it's Wednesday and my energy levels are noticeably lagging as the week progresses. I really struggled to haul myself out of bed at six o'clock this morning after a bit of a disturbed night. I really shouldn't have started watching a drama documentary film about the Omagh bombing last night. Horribly depressing and I have no idea how the bastards responsible imagined that it would have advanced any sort of political cause.

Instead of going down to the break room at lunchtime, I went out for a walk instead to see if that would pep me up any, but it was hot and muggy so I was glad to get back to the deliciously cool air con of our office. Tonight is promising to be clear though, so some meteor spotting could be on the cards. I have an iPhone app called 'Planets' which uses the in-built compass and a star map to point you in the right direction for star gazing, so I'll have to give it a whirl.

Observant long time readers will no doubt be asking themselves why I haven't written about CNPS lately. The simple reason (other than the general paucity of blogging recently) is that I have been stuck on 316 for over four months. I've seen ten or more 317s, a 318 and 319 and I know for sure that there are a 320 and 321 in my office car park, but there was distinct dearth of 316. However, in one of the curious statistical twist of the game I saw a 316 parked up at the side of the road yesterday followed by another one on the motorway this morning. What are the bets that I now won't see a 317 before Christmas?

Podcast of the day was the world's first Twitcast between @CollingsA and @Herring1967 over on #chpod. It took a little while to get up to speed and the interruptions on the official hash tag were irritating, but otherwise it was an excellent substitute for the audio version. Worth a look if you want something to keep you entertained until the run of live podcasts next week.

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