Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Daily post - Tuesday

Going to bed at nine o'clock on Sunday night evidently did me some good as I actually managed not to fall asleep in front of the tv last night for once, watching a whole film and an episode of Bug Brother (that was a typo but I like it). I mostly slept through until about a quarter to six this morning despite the rather muggy and oppressive temperatures last night.

I had thought it might be sunny today, but the early brightness gave way to overcast gloom as I approached Leeds. I've got a week off work next week, so I am just starting to eye the five day forecast to see if we due for some nice weather or not. The iPhone weather forecast is not looking too promising at the moment, but we shall, as they famously say, see.

Podcast of the day is a welcome return to form for Phill and Phil after several weeks hiatus with yet another episode that had me nearly crying with laughter as I drove my car into work this morning. In this episode they set a new record for the least time elapsed in the podcast before talking about wanking, and the *ahem* adult content of some of the questions this week is a touch on the saucy side. I heartily concur with Mr Juniper's considered opinion of Nick Griffin, Gary Bushell, John Gaunt and Chris Moyles though, and I'll never listen to Wham in quite the same way again. You'll have to listen to it to find out why, but don't say that I didn't warn you.

Here's a fun meme for you, if it takes your fancy. Funny man Peter Serafinowicz (aka @serafinowicz) was asking for help over on Twitter to get his excellent TV series released on DVD after the production company delayed the project, not thinking it would be popular enough. All you have to do is head over to Amazon, pre-order the DVD (which you can always cancel later if you so choose) and leave a suitable review. If you email Peter at bonbonbonbons@gmail.com he will send you back a personal thank you. It will be interesting to see just how far up the Amazon charts we can send this nonexistent (as yet) DVD.


Helly said...

Have you had a sleep test (for sleep apnea)? This sounds a lot like what my husband was going through before getting his CPAP. His dad and 4 of our friends that I can think of right off the bat have it - it's a lot more prevalent than I ever knew. On the positive side, it's an easy fix and he no longer snores!

neil h said...

I don't snore, according to Jan anyway, so I don't think that it's that. Thanks for the suggestion though!