Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daily Post - Thursday

Well, the big news today, which most of you probably seen on Twitter already, is that Alicia has passed her A levels with the grades that she needs to go to her first choice university place in Huddersfield to study chemistry. I had been quite anxious about it and was awake at five this morning, pottering around on Twitter and then cleaning out the fridge (job for the day) at seven o'clock whilst Alicia was still dead to the world. We were just about to set off for college to collect the fateful results envelope when a letter came through the door which we thought was just a routine bit of junk mail from the Universities service. It actually turned out to be a letter confirming her place, which was a huge relief to all concerned and took the pressure off waiting to see the actual grades - a B and two Cs.

Now we just have to sort out accommodation, student finance and other essentials and she'll be off in just over two weeks. The halls where she will be staying are less than twenty miles away and she's got two weeks of settling in and fresher's activities before her course proper starts on the 21st of September. Yikes.

Last night we took advantage of the hot weather to have a barbecue, sitting out till after sunset listening to music and nomming multitudinous hot dogs and burgers. Note to self - adding West Indian hot pepper sauce to hot dogs when it is too dark to see is a potentially risky business. Very tasty, but another reason that I was awake in the small hours.

Weather wise, it's a bit fresher out there today with a bit of rain and a welcome breeze. The sun is out again now, so I've still got a couple of nice days of holiday to look forward to.

Podcast of the day is the first of five live shows from Edinburgh by Richard Herring and Andrew Collins with vaguely topical and occasionally very rude and/or childish banter for the one hour and six minutes that Garage Band on Collins laptop will record in one go. Excellent stuff available here.

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