Sunday, August 16, 2009

Daily post - Sunday

Another slightly disturbed night last night, although I think it was the after effects of the chilli waking me up rather than anything else. I nodded off back to sleep at about three before getting up at seven to be greeted by a very happy dog. I think that he must have been off his food yesterday after polishing off some week old chow mein out of the fridge, but he was back to his usual self today.

I must say that I've really been enjoying playing 1vs100 on Xbox Live recently, particularly the live shows on Friday and Saturday nights. I've not made it into the mob yet, but there are two more weeks to go in the current season so I'll keep trying. It seems that you have to be extraordinarily quick to make it into the top scoring list though - on most rounds I got every question correct, so the only difference will have been how fast I managed to press the buttons.

It's quite strange eating in the kitchen at the moment. It really does feel completely different to how it was before - much brighter and roomier for one thing and relaxing to sit it. It's almost like being on holiday in a posh villa or something. Definitely worth all of the stress and expense of getting it done.

A very pleasant walk in the woods this afternoon, with the sun being hot enough to warrant wearing the Panama hat. I also enjoyed listening to my podcast of the day - to whit Coverville episode 602 with a tribute to the late Les Paul. Some lovely upbeat bouncy guitar numbers mixed in with a little more bluesy stuff as well - well worth the download for some sunny, summery listening.

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