Saturday, August 29, 2009

Daily Post - Saturday

Well, I can exclusively report that Snow Leopard seems to have gone on fine.

The only problem is that my old version of Parallels no longer works, but as I rarely use it it was just taking up a big chunk of disc space for an XP image so that's no big loss. If I ever find a reason to use it again I'll get the upgrade. No obvious differences, but everything seems just a little bit snappier and my reported free disc space has gone from 23Gb to 40Gb. Which is nice.

Less good was last night's eviction on Big Brother with Marcus, the only remotely interesting character in the house, getting the boot. I now have zero enthusiasm for the final week, and it just feels as if Channel 4 are trying their best to strangle the format so that it goes out with a whimper not a bang. Similarly, the format of X-Factor is also now broken - the public auditions in front of an audience are a huge mistake and they just make the mocking of the no-hopers even more cruel than it was before.

In x-box news, I had held out a vague hope that it might be delivered today after tracking its progress from Germany to the UK on the UPS website, but there have been no further updates since it left Tamworth at 4:24 this morning so it seems that it will just sit in a depot until after the bank holiday now, so no 1vs100 season finale for me. Bah.

Podcast of the day is episode 605 of Coverville, a Stranglers Cover Story. I usually find that I have to skip a couple of tracks in a typical Coverville show, but not so in this case. Standout highlights for me were a new Nouvelle Vague cover of 'Get a Grip', a delicious cover of 'Golden Brown' by Martina Topley Bird and the show closer with the Stranglers' version of 'Walk on By'. Excellent music.

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