Wednesday, January 03, 2007

In the bleak midwinter

Is there anything quite as depressing as christmas decorations still being up in January? There is still a dismal looking tree in the reception area of our office and I passed houses with lights still on last night. Surely it's now an ideal opportunity to clear away all of the clutter of the festive season and kick off the year with a fresh start.

Our little tree looks quite happy out in the garden - it survived its week indoors with hardly any needles falling off in the process, so with a bit of luck it should still be around for next year.

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Alex said...

Steady on, old chap - Christmas isn't over yet. It just starts on 25th December, and then there are 12 days, ending three days from now. So people are allowed a bit more time with the decorations.

Putting them up in November, or even before 24th December, is the truly heinous crime in my book!