Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Back to reality

I’ve had better days.

Up at five minutes to six on a cold, dark, winter’s morning after an extended (and very lazy) holiday is not my idea of fun. Still, at least my Zen mp3 player was loaded up with an audio book, a couple of hours of radio from christmas week and a whole bunch of music to keep me amused.

The traffic was comparitively light – I suppose a lot of people must still be on holiday – and I got to the office for half past nine. It was hardly worth the effort. I booted up and got the message about the domain migration being in progress and not to log in until it had completed.

So I waited.

Then I waited some more.

Then I went to the loo.

Then I made a cup of coffee.

Then I went and asked the techy what was happening.

Then I repeated all of the above.

Several times.

Oh, there were a couple of jobs that I could do that didn’t need my laptop. I sorted out a problem with access to a unix box with a telnet application, and reinstalled some apps on my bosses machine that hadn’t been set up since she’d had her machine rebuilt. I went through some old expenses receipts and found a hotel bill that had my name amusing mispelt as “Heil Hopkins”.

All in all, I didn’t get proper access to the network and my email until after lunch. Bloody poxy MS migration wizard scripts. Grrrr.

The journey home didn’t take too long, but I was really struggling to stay awake and alert. I tried to have a lie down when I got in, but I was just nodding off when I got woken up again by my furry alarm clock (AKA Frank the cat). I felt all cold and shivery and sorry for myself, but Jan got me a nice cup of coffee, a Green & Blacks chocolate biscuit, a hot water bottle and a blanket so I soon felt well enough to help Jamie plan strategy for a 200 mile endurance race on Laguna Seca. Hoorah!

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