Saturday, December 02, 2006

Back to life

After spending most of the week feeling like a spy in a sushi bar, I seem to have perked up this morning apart from a bit of a wheeze in the back of the throat. I’ve raked the leaves, walked the dog and repotted the venus fly trap and planted some of the seed pods to see if I can get them to grow.

On the games front, I’m about half way through Canis Canem Edit and enjoying it muchly. It’s got a very different feel to Grand Theft Auto and is all the better for it. The nearest it gets to violence is giving somebody a wedgie or firing a spud gun at them, and the main mode of transport is a skateboard or a bmx bike. The routine of the school day is well implemented too – I was initially annoyed by having to get to lessons for nine o’clock in the morning, and then I discovered the joys of bunking off and avoiding the prefects prowling the school, before I realised that if I went to lessons I might actually learn something useful like how to make stink bombs in chemistry or how to romance girls (or boys!) in the art room.

The missions show a great deal of variety too – protecting a nerd from bullies trying to disrupt his class president campaign speech, pelting a preppie’s house with eggs, raiding items of lingerie from the girls dorm as well as side missions like working a paper round after school, mowing the grass or just bunking off at the carnival to go on the rides and play the arcade games. Highly recommended if you have a PS2.

Oh, and the main character has a face like a squashed tomato and is called Jimmy Hopkins. BEST!

If you haven’t got a paper advent calender, then you might enjoy this one from The Today Programme or this one with some varied christmassy fun.

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