Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

Off into the wild blue yonder in the rays of the setting sun to pick up the key for Darnall for fencing tomorrow. Rick seems bloody but unbowed after his nasty attempted carjacking attack last night, with a spectacular black eye and plentiful bruises that caused to wince every time he moved or even tried to scratch his nose. I hope the police catch the psycho responsible as soon as possible.

Home again now for Friday night pizza and chicken, and a snifter of Cranberry vodka straight out of the freezer to kick start the weekend. I feel like a game of Texas Hold'Em, so I might have a gander online to see who is around. I nearly won a game last night, but I bet too heavily on a pair of pocket Queens against a three of a kind held by somebody who had been bluffing consistently through the whole match. I've harvested my acorns for the day in Animal Crossing, although I am starting to worry that I might not get the complete Mushroom furniture set off Cornimer before Sunday. We shall see.

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