Sunday, October 08, 2006

42 All-Time Classics

Ahoy Nintendoholics!

I’ve just bought 42 All-Time Classics for DS and I can exclusively report that it is all round ACEBEST fun, particularly playing Texas Hold-Em on line. Anyone out there fancy a game?

My friend code is 4811–1654–7903



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan...especially since I can now play from my lounge! I'm trying to get through Stamp mode and had to play 3 rounds of tedious Ludo while the CPU seemed to roll an unfeasible number of sixes and kept landing on my pieces!

I'll did out my code and send it over. I hope the rumours are true and the Wii adopts a single 'friend code' approach.


Anonymous said...

2491 8732 9938

Bring it on!