Friday, September 29, 2006

Speed blogging

Taking a tip from a blogger in another place, and seeing as how I'm going out to try as many different beers as I can at the Sheffield Beer Festival in less than thirty minutes, I shall now attempt a bit of speed blogging.


Up before dawn again - well before - and off to exiting Birmingham. Find that the training room has not been set up, and also that we are in the smallest of the three rooms - with seven people per session it's going to be cosy. Rustle up a projector and realise that the only one left is a monster that would give the cinema multiplex across the way a run for their money. Set it up. Eventually. Run three sessions that are almost, but not quite, exactly the same. Try not fall asleep. Get in car. Drive 12 miles and then stop on the M6 for an hour while an accident in the roadworks is scraped off the road. Get home. It's dark. Eat food, drink beer, watch TV, fall asleep. Wake up and think that Newsnight is still the same comedy programme that I was watching an hour ago. Wonder why it isn't very funny. Go to bed.


Get up. Walk dog. Drive daughter to school. Growl when she asks to put her Queen cd on in the car. Get home. Hoover upstairs and clean bathrooms. Work. Stop for lunch. Get 1000 meters on Mr Driller 2 after two years and 306 attempts. Cut scene tells me to now try 2000 meters. Sob. Produce debt chasing letters. Solve problems. Apply serialisation code for new query licences. It doesn't work. Nobody can use the system. Nobody notices because it's five to five on a Friday night. Compose email to support people. Realise what I've done wrong and reapply the code. It works - huzzah! Walk dog. Eat tea. Wonder why the Ploughman's sandwich that I had for lunch yesterday had so much fat in it. Have shower. Drink energy drink. Put trousers on. Go out!

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will said...

This is a brilliant idea!

Might steal this idea - do I need to pay a copyright fee :^P