Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Gosh – I’m tired.

It’s dark in the mornings now, at least on the days when I’m traveling to Birmingham, and the evening sunsets are getting earlier as well. I’d better make sure my torch batteries are good to go, as I think I’ll be needing them shortly.

Work is busy as well – two year end procedures to run (it’s a long story) – and my uber-boss has taken a notion that we should all be making better use of the query tool rather than using our limited supply of expensive licenses for our accounts software for doing things like looking up account balances. Guess who gets to organise the training? Hmmm …

Still, at least fencing tonight was good fun. Rick was still on crutches, so it was down to some intensive eight position parry sequence drills for me and Simon. We concentrated on phrasing, footwork, making the point attacks with full intent (and then, just for laffs, changing the intent so that the point attack was the feint and the second intention was the cut), and also making the beat parrys into a proper beat and riposte. Amber also got to play demo bunny for a bit, so I could do a bit of coaching practice – one of the things that I will have to be able to do successfully for my red Adept’s sash exam.

So, I’m now tired but happy, with a can of cold beer and yet another 200 mile round trip in the rain to look forward to tomorrow.

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