Thursday, August 24, 2006


The holiday felt a very long time ago when I struggled out of bed yesterday morning, a little before six o'clock. Drive down to Birmingham and cue a long day of requests for changes to spreadsheets, tweaks to databases and other general queries and problems.

I thought I was doing well to get away from the office at just after four in the afternoon, but as I got to the M42 the heavens opened with some of the heaviest rain I have seen for several years complete with some apocalyptic lightning and the roads ground to a halt. At least it gave me the chance to finish listening to 'Sharpe's Escape', and 'Only you can save Mankind' which was on BBC7 the other week.

By the time I got home and had something to eat I wasn't fit for much more than falling asleep in the armchair, thus missing fencing again. Still, at least I've got the Norfolk Park event to look forward too - a whole weekend of sworded fun. Huzzah!

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