Saturday, June 24, 2006

Give me Liberty!

I managed to prise Jamie away from Ratchett and Clank on the PS2 long enough to grab an hour playing Grand Theft Auto : Liberty City Stories. This game originally appeared on PSP last year, and was one of the very few games that came within an ace of tempting me to buy one of those consoles. I’m glad I held out though, for several reasons – for one, it’s easier to play a Grand Theft Auto game with a proper analogue controller and for another at £14.99 from, it’s considerably cheaper.

The graphics are nothing to write home about, at least when compared to San Andreas on the xbox, but the gameplay is like slipping into a well worn glove (and then punching somebody in the face with it). Liberty City feels like home – St Mark’s, Chinatown, Hepburn Hights and the Red Light District are all pretty much as I remember them from when I played GTA III a couple of years ago, and the addition of building interiors and motorbikes make revisiting familiar places a new experience.

Driving round the docks in a stolen taxi being chased by the cops whilst listening to Bhangra beats on Mundo Fm is a fine way to spend a lazy Saturday morning …

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