Sunday, May 19, 2024

Watch Dogs Legion : Bloodlines

OK, so I finished the Watch Dogs Legion main story (which was part of my PS+ subscription) then I noticed that the Bloodlines DLC was on sale, so I went and downloaded it. 

This one features Aiden Pearce, the protagonist from the original Watch Dogs (which I still haven't played) who seems to be more focussed on direct action rather than stealth, giving a different feel to the missions here. They are set just before the events of the main story, but I didn't mind going back to that point with a different perspective. The side missions here are a variety of tasks to upgrade your kit, with some nice new toys to play with notably a new spider bot that can convert into a drone to fly into hard to reach locations. 

There also seemed to be more car chases and gun play on offer in this story, which features some noticeably tougher adversaries. The final boss battle also ramps up the difficulty and took me a few attempts to complete. Not quite enough to put me off, but I was glad to finish it so I could return to exploring the rain slicked streets of London

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