Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I haev teh P0wer!

From Niles 

Good-Energy mention on their website that mobile phone chargers that are left plugged in are using electricity even when you’re not charging your phone. We’ve all known for some time that it’s better to unplug your telly overnight than leave it on stand-by for the same reason: appliances using power they don’t need to. Saving power is saving yourself money in leccy bills and prevents some unneccessary carbon dioxide from being released.

So here’s my meme: what’s plugged in on your desk? What doesn’t need to be on all the time? Blog your answers, and then tell me you’re now switching things off if you weren’t before.

Plugged in
Work Router
Work Laptop
Cordless phone basestation
Not Plugged in
Tape Deck
PC (Windows 2000)
Of those, the work ones can be unplugged when I'm not actually working, the W2000 pc only gets plugged in when it is in use (and it's administered remotely so it doesn't need a monitor), the whole switchblock for the server could be switched off when that's not in use. Thinks ... the only thing that needs to plugged in all the time is the phone base station, so with a bit of juggling I can switch off all of the things that don't need a permanent supply from one point. As for other things round the house, we need to make sure that tvs aren't left on standby when not in use and switch lights off when not needed. I'd like to have more energy saving bulbs for places like the hallways and loos.  

Anybody else want to have a go?


Niles said...

W00t! Well done Neil.

maria said...

The microwave oven. Kitchen appliances in general.