Sunday, May 08, 2016

8. Future Shock

"... Anomalous readings from the tachyon detector"

Bennet looked up from her console.

"But that's impossible!. The machine hasn't even reached operating power yet. The streams will hit maximum velocity and start colliding in the next couple of minutes, and that's when we should see some real fireworks"

Austin typed furiously and shared her screen.

"It's the Bellweather-Nakamura equation. Somebody is trying to send us a message using pulse coded tachyons"

She looked at the screen and her face blanched.

"This message is from the future. The collider is producing strange matter that will destroy the planet. We have to shut it down now!"

"It's too late - all we can do is modulate the output and try to send a message back in time using ... "

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