Sunday, January 01, 2012

Toasta Bags Redux

One of the most useful things that we acquired this festive season was a set of 'Toasta bags' - the idea being that you make a sandwich, pop it in this bit of hi-tech plastic and then toast it. Searching back through the archives of this blog, I find that I was rather dismissive of the very idea of Toasta bags as an invention for drunk students but now it seems I must almost literally eat my words.

I can exclusively report that they really do work, producing perfectly toasted sandwiches that are crispy on the outside and melty gorgeous on the inside, without reaching the molten lava temperatures that the Breville type toasters turn out. The sandwich slides out on to your plate with no fuss, and the bag is easily rinsed out or can even go in the dish washer. No crumbs, no gobs of fatty gunk to clean up and all cooked in a couple of minutes.

We bought them as a bit of a joke present for Jamie, but in the strange hinterland between Christmas and New Year they have been in use every day using up odd bits of cheese and slices of meat. Highly recommended for snack hounds everywhere!

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